an advance online based attendance system

Guide Line

  • Login with your Access Data
  • Logout until your Daily Job Period
  • If logout or shutdown, Login again
  • Logout before closing your day end
  • Don't Access without your permited Device
  • Access from other network is violation of Office Rules
  • Access System keeps HR/Payroll Reports
  • Get your month end performance reports from HR/Admin


This Access System FASTER LOG is Designed and Developed by Ginger BD. It is very effective for trace Employee presence and exit from working place as per daily records and it is very helpful for evaluate an Employee after month end or promoting after course of time. It can maintain Early Attend or Late Presence or Early Leave or Commit Leave. It also maintain the records of Absent or Illegal Login trace.

Version Change Log

Ver : 1.0.0

  • Stable version release 2015

Ver : 1.5.0

  • Add single day active hours log in employee panel
  • Add date range hours log for Admin panel

Ver : 2.0.0

  • Keep log for late/early arrival or exit
  • Keep log for holiday activity

Ver : 3.0.0

  • Keep log for payroll reporting
  • Keep log for payment reporting